Tough Times

It’s been a crazy year and I don’t think anyone can get their heads around the craziness that Covid-19 has brought . Especially our industry everything cancelled. We came out of lock down with a little bit of hope to be crushed once more . As much as I’d like to have someone to blame for it all the simple fact is it’s no ones fault .



Yet I know deep inside that when we eventually get back to normal I’ve seen enough in the small time we got to do some amazing little events that the future fingers crossed is going to be better then the past .



More family gatherings, outdoor events, weddings and cinema nights to name but a few. I think instead of concentrating on people testing positive for Covid-19 we need to stay positive about the future and about the laughs we are about to embark on because we’ll appreciate especially us the provider even more .



I’ll leave some pictures here to show you what we all have to look forward to .



So as my brother in law would say “We’ll see you when the fog lifts guys”.





Fizz On The Tyne

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